The series, in addition to the previously mentioned rural episode, is a journey through various areas of Spanish geography and culture as seen through the eyes of three women: «It is a beautifully project edited from a feminine perspective, which serves to show cultural, architectural or historical features that have, in some way, been inspired by women». For example, explains the scriptwriter and director, over the five episodes viewers will learn about Albert Einstein’s visit to Zaragoza, the running of the bulls at San Fermin, the trials and tribulations of the Congress and the Royal Palace or the history of the Basque designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, of whom Melnyk points out that although «the whole world thinks he is French», nothing could be further from the truth.

This documentary has a distinctly feminine air, and is led by three female protagonists who act as our guides on their tour of the city: Irene, María and the Aragonese Marta. If the creator had to choose three aspects of Zaragoza to ‘sell’ abroad, she would opt for the Goya Museum, the Pilar and the city’s logistic potential. However, she also wanted to convey «a young and cosmopolitan vision» of Zaragoza. «It is a very old city, but it is also very dynamic» she emphasises.

Spanish Debut, seeks to depict Spanish cities and towns and has received recognition at various International Film Festivals such as the one in Africa, where it won the Gold Award.

Premiere in Zaragoza of the documentary film «Zaragoza. Spanish Debut».

«Zaragoza. Spanish Debut» has been crowned the winner of the Gold Award at The International Tourism Festival of Africa 2022 (International Tourism Film Festival of Africa 2022). 354 films from 55 countries around the world participated in the competition.